Key Elements of Residential Property Management

Have you ever rented or currently renting a home? If yes, you have probably dealt with a property manager, who helped you settle in, facilitated your home for maintenance and renovations, and kept in touch with you throughout your tenancy. According to, a residential property manager does run rental properties like condos, apartments, and townhouse complexes, ensuring that the property generates as much money as possible for you. Management professionals also work as real estate agents in a way, helping you advertise and rent out your place and keeping it occupied as much as possible. Let us go over the 3 key jobs of effective management of residential properties.

Before and Between Leases

house keysProperty management professionals start working before the house is on the market. If your property for investment was recently built or renovated, excellent property management companies will analyze the rental costs of neighborhood properties in the area and help you establish a competitive rental rate. They will then engage in a proactive marketing effort to attract many potential tenants, either for profit or to show them the property.

Curious potential tenants must be evaluated and qualified, and this sometimes takes a lot of time. A smart landlord knows how to save time by outsourcing this work to a residential property management professional. Successful management starts promoting your rental property the moment the tenant has given the notice to leave and cleans up, showcases, and displays it when they can to shorten the time between rentals and keep them earning.

Rental Process

After the advertisement, showing the home and searching for potential tenants, it’s time to bring the property out into the open. Someone with experience in property management will likely be very helpful at this stage, as the terms and length of the lease will need to be negotiated before any documents are drafted. After that, the appropriate documents will need to be completed and recorded, and a security deposit will be charged. In condominiums and other indoor environments, tenants should be educated on the principles and rules of the facility or HOA and should feel welcomed and supported in their move-in process. A proactive and friendly approach to property management will ensure that all of these processes are carried out with ease, along with monthly rental income.

Maintenance and Repairs

Plumbing servicesThose who manage rental and residential properties know that maintenance is vital. Mechanical systems such as drainage and ventilation need to be cleaned and checked from time to time, and seasonal maintenance and preparation save a lot of money on subsequent repairs. Tenant problems must be heard and resolved quickly to maintain a wonderful landlord-tenant relationship and also to defend the value of their assumptions.

A residential property manager has the systems and personnel to handle emergency repairs quickly and is prepared for any unforeseen events, so you can sleep well knowing that your building is in good hands and your tenants are happy and protected.