Meet The Team

It is our ultimate goal to deliver the best content and articles about building – designing, and maintaining your dream home. For that reason, we have cooperated with some experts in the field to share what they know with you all. 

Home Builders 

They know the practical and detailed matters about how to efficiently build and construct a house. From the basic structures to the finishing touch, you can expect practical ideas and valuable tips from them. 


They deal with home designs for years, which is a good reason to read what they share. If you are stuck with difficult structures or designs, they have the best advice to offer. They will also ensure you know about the latest home designs everyone talks about. 

Real Estate Agents 

Real estate agents are here to present the most valuable inputs for your investments. They know the best way to start, and they will assist you with their knowledge and experience. 

Anthony Pena

Anthony Pena