Facts About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Technological advancement looks for innovative ways of improving facilities by making it more state-of-art. Although this industry provides clients with value and quality, it also needs to take pride in its facility, like how it does on its product. One of the best ways to improve facilities is with new floor coatings. We should not neglect the fact that concrete surfaces handle use and abuse daily regardless of the building type and whether the use is for commercial or industrial. Here are some ways to increasing your homes value with epoxy garage floors.

Concrete Flooring

floor garageDue to its porous nature, concrete tends to keep dust from the environment and, thus, needs some protection regardless of its location. Many years have passed in finding ways to protect concrete floors from simple ways like a painting to eventually applying protective coatings on surfaces.

This is for the floor to handle different types of abuse like impact, deterioration, abrasion, contamination, thermal shocks, chemical applications, and other considerations, including wear, aesthetics, chemical resistance, non-skid, and ease of maintenance. Polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings are best suited for resurfacing applications for adequate concrete protection for these kinds of conditions.

Floor Sealants

epoxy floorEpoxy coatings are the best option in offering long-term floor protection since the coatings bond directly on the floor’s surface. A sturdy protective film will seal over the floor to produce an abrasion-resistant and hard floor finish that is also water repellent. Water-based epoxy coatings mix well with concrete to provide a bright finish on the floor.

Keep in mind that excessive water vapor from the floor can damage the installation because epoxy is sonorous, which means moisture cannot pass through the epoxy material. Epoxy coatings experience moisture-related problems, and millions of dollars are spent in resolving this by developing epoxy moisture control systems to bring down to acceptable rates the moisture emission. Epoxy coatings are preferable in many industries, including clean rooms, manufacturing, food and beverage, bio-medical, warehouse distribution, aerospace, pharmacy, and many more.

Polyurethane coatings

This coating is thicker and forms a high-build epoxy film on the surface of the concrete. Polyurethane is a protective film with a zinc coating that provides a floor with exceptional weathering performance and high gloss finish. It offers excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion used in all industrial markets to floors that are always subject to wear and tear.

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