How to Babyproof Your Home

When you become a parent, you will prioritize the safety of your kid. Our home is sometimes not the safest when it comes to kids. There is a lot of potential hazards that can result in injuries and accidents. So, it is crucial to babyproof your home before your baby can even crawl.

Keep Your Baby’s Crib Safe

During the first few months, your baby is still immobile. They can only wave their arms and legs. So, it is crucial not to keep any blankets and pillows that might accidentally cover their faces. As they develop and they can pull themselves up, make sure that you include the hard areas with soft crib covers to prevent bumps in case they stumble. When they can fully move, climbing is part of their motor development, to prevent them from falling from the crib, you have to lower it to the lowest level because if not, they can pull up and launch themselves out of there.

Keep Away Wires and Plugs

There are so many ways that wires and plugs are dangerous to children. They usually put everything on their mouths, be aware of electrical cords and plugs. Keep it away from them to avoid electrocution. Cover the electric sockets to prevent them from inserting anything unnecessary.

Use Safety Gates Around Stairs

Children are not usually aware of the space around them. It is important to place safety gates at the tops of stairs, or closing and locking doors that lead to stairwells to prevent them from falling.

Keep Chemical Products Out of Reach

A high number of children are treated in the emergency room as a result of poison exposure. It is important to keep cleaning products and detergents away from the children by locking it in the cupboard or putting things on higher shelves. Lock away medicines and other medications as small children can mistake them from candy.

Create a Safe Area for Babies to Play During Chores

When babies start to crawl, everywhere in the house can be a potential hazard. Give your babies a safe place to play to give you peace of mind while you are doing your chores.

Watch Out For Corners

Babies are magnets for sharp corners. They are not aware of their surrounding space as they move, and also, their balance is not yet that stable, so you may want to grab corner guards for tables and such to prevent accidents and bumps.

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